1.My father says the wise man learns from the ----------of others .

a)confidence     b) difference      c) experience d)importance 

2. “Has Soroush paid the rent of the house?” “Not as far as I’m ---------.”

a)attractive    b)anxious    c)aware    d)ashamed

3.I -------on the window to try and get her attention.

 a)tapped     b)relaxed      c)emphasized      d)concentrated

4.her mother had always -------on her for support.

a)acted       b)tapped     c)leaned     d)stood

5.He has ----------to stay in the country for one more year.

a)permission      b) occasion    c)expression    d)projection

6.When preparing meals, you need to think about -----and taste as well as nutritional value.

a)variety     b)humor     c)respect     d)present

7.From his ----------expression I realized he was sad but not happy.

a)reasonable      b)natural    c)facial    d) private

8.My father advised me and my brother ---------a used car.

a)do not buy     b)not to buy          c) we do not buy         d) to not buying

9.Without going into ----------I can tell you that we have had a very successful year.

a)details     b)events       c)terms     d) effects

10.our teacher usually makes all the students---------a lecture in the class.

a)give     b)to give     c)be given          d)that they give

11.What do you think that ---------means?

a)background    b)content   c)gesture  d) culture

12.The old man replied that he was unsure how long it would take to complete the task of making the needle. The word replied means---------.

a)suggested     b)speculated        c)responded   d)repeated

13.The man at the door watched him -----------the hotel.

a)enter   b)entered     c)enters   d)to enter

14.The government should do more to help young couples-------.

a)buying     b)buys    c)buy   d)bought

15.You can add variety to your speech-----------raising and lowering your voice.

a)for    b)by    c)in    d)at


the actor Tom Cruise once---16-----an interview : “a lot of time , what acting is really about is meeting someone’s eye.” the same is -----17-----of public speaking. When you are making a speech , you should                    18-----move your eyes all around the room so that you will be to involve all members of your audience. Nothing makes an audience more ------19------than a speaker who can stare down a crowd. Making a/an             ----20------, and that is your number one goal. So lift your eyes from your notes as often as possible.


 16.a)said                 b)told                           c) expressed      d)showed

17. a)different         b)embarrassed     c)true                     d)excited

18. a)regularly      b)seriously              c)actually            d)firmly

19. a)ashamed      b)uninterested       c)worried            d)involved

20. a)situation      b)information         c)projection      d)connection


Contrary to popular belief, projecting your voice does not mean shouting . When you project , you simply raise the volume of your natural speaking voice without losing control of it (that’s when it becomes “shouting” ). To find out the difference between projecting and shouting ,you can think of  the difference between talking to someone in a noisy restaurant, and calling your brother in from the backyard.

You must always project while giving a speech , even if you are presenting in a small room. During the firt minute of speaking , watch your audience members’  faces (especially the ones in the back row) carefully to see if they look confused . If you notice that they are not paying attention from the very start , stop yourself and ask if everyone can hear you. But if you are using a microphone , speak at normal volume , but a little more slowly and clearly.

21.When you project your voice ,……….

a)you’llhave to control it

b)tou’ll speak as loud as possible

c)there will be no need for a microphone

d)your brother will call from the backyard

22.Which one is NOT correct according to the passage?

a)Speaker may need to ask if anyone can hear him.

b)projecting should be limited to when we speak in a big place.

c)When making speech , we should talk louder than usual.

d)It’s necessary to watch the audiences ‘s faces during the first minute of speaking.

23.When using a microphone, we need to …………

a)ask if every one can hear us

b)speak louder than usual

c)speak a little slowly

d)watch the people’s faces in the back row

24.the speaker should make sure that ……

a)there is a microphone in the room

b)there are people in the back row

c)the audience looks confused

d)all the people in the audience can hear him

25. “It” in line 2 refers to ………..

a)projecting      b)the volume of voice     c)speaking   d)voice





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