book4-grammar test-lesson1

     Grammar test-lesson one


  1.We will go on a trip---------we are ready or not.


a)unless         b)whether       c)because      d)although     


2.Tom selected a book which he knew was very complex-----------he wanted to leave a good first impression on the professor


a)since          b)although       c)so that d)whereas   


3.--------he was running to jump over the rope ; he fell and hurt himself.


      a)whether   b)so      c)as     d)therefore


4.She asked me ------I was Spanish.


a)as     b)since    c)because     d)whether  


5.I was wondering -------she'd prefer to come a little later or not.


                                                                  a)While     b)since   c)though    d)whether


6.-------It was public holiday last Thursday ; most of the shops were shut.


a)As    b)When     c) Whether      d)While


7.----------we have plenty of time before our flight ;let's go and have a coffee.


a)When     b) As     c) Whether     d)While


8.Mary got married-------she was 23.


 a)as     b)when      c)whether       d)although


9.He never shouts ; even ----you make him angry.


a)when     b)as     c)since    d)while


10.Can you turn off the light ---------you go out ;please?


a)until    b)since     c)as        d)whether


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