Book 4- complex test- lesson 1
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English test 

1.things needed to keep at living thing alive and to help it grow are -                                                                                                                                          

a)contents      b)joints    c)nutrients     d)networks

 2.I didn't-------see him –I just heard his voice.

   a)firmly        b)actually      c)sharply     d)constantly

3.Eating ---------foods and getting regular exercise have become important to both younger and older people.

  a)individual     b)artificial      c)well-know      d)healthful

 4.He always wants something------to eat; he's never satisfied with what he's given.

 a)extra     b)extreme      c)irrelevant     d)superior

 5.The wedding--------is often held in a restaurant or a hotel.

   a)celebration    b)formation      c)impression     d)occasion

 6.we must do all these exercise-------they are easy or difficult.

  a)whether    b)since     c)as     d)after

 7.When we exercise; our body can release endorphins ."release" means ----free.

  a)raise    b)keep    c)set     d)lie

 8.They didn't go swimming--------it was raining.

   a)whether     b)because     c)until    d)but

 9.We were having a great trip when; ------our car broke down.

 a)luckily    b)successfully    c)immediately    d)unfortunately

 10.Too much pressure produced by the blood pressing against inner walls of blood ---------is

 called high blood pressure.

   a)joints     b)vessels     c)nutrients    d)ankles

 11.All the food-------- before we got to the picnic.

 a)has eaten       b)had eaten      c)had been eaten     d)has been eaten

12.He did his best to --------his arm to reach the apple. but he couldn't.

 a)raise        b)attach       c)stretch      d)release

 13.Mary didn't want to go to Sara's party; so she------–her invitation.

 a)refused         b)received          c)accepted          d)disagreed

 14.I will instruct the children by showing them how to kick the soccer ball .instruct means----.

 a)meet          b)teach        c)study        d)follow

 15.The amount of money one earns -------the work he does.

  a)depends on          b)refers to             c)consists of          d)asked for

 Considering the benefits to the heart, muscles , joints , and mind , it's easy to see why exercise (16)....... . But, like all good things , it's (17)........... to overdose on exercise .Although exercise is a great way to (18)........... a healthy weight, exercising too much to (19)......... weight isn't  healthy . The body needs enough calories to function properly . if you have any doubts about (20)................ you should be exercising , you should be exercising , you should talk with your doctor.

 16.a)wise        b)physical          c)light                      d)flexible

 17.a)extra      b)excellent         c)efficient              d)possible

 18.a)maintain  b)matter            c)meet                    d)mention

 19.a)store       b)lose                c)summarize           d)lift

 20.a)how many       b)why         c)what                  d)how

 You've probably heard countless times how exercise is "good for you" but did you know that it can actually help you feel good . too? Getting the right amount of exercise can increase your energy levels and even help you to feel better emotionally.

Exercise benefits every part of the body, including the mind . Exercising causes the body to produce endorphins, chemicals that lead a person to feel peaceful and happy . Exercise can help some people sleep better. It can also help with mental health . Plus, exercise can give people a real sense of achievement and pride at having reached a certain goal. Exercising can help you look better, too. People who exercise burn calories and look stronger than those who don't. Exercising to maintain a healthy weight also decreases adperson's risk of developing certain diseases, including typ-2 diabetes and high blood pressure .These diseases, which used to be found mostly in adults, are becoming more common in teens.

 21. Which one is NOT among the benefits of exercise mentioned in the passage?

 a)Sleeping better at night

b)Growing above average height

c)Keeping fit and in shape

d)Feeling happy and confident

 22.Those who exercise ......... .

 a)will never develop diabetes and height blood pressure

b)produce much more chemicals

c)reach their goals

d)live a healthier life

 23 According to the passage , exercise ........... .

 a)affects only certain parts of the body

b)is both mentally and physically useful

c)causes the blood to decrease       

d)is more common in teens

 24. The underlined word "common" is closest in meaning to .............. .

 a)certain           b)usual        c)suitable                      d)important

 25.What 's the opposite of underline word ' increase'?

   a)decrease     b)develop     c)deeply      d)design


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