see , look and watch
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.See is the ordinary word to say something 'comes to our eyes

Suddenly I saw something strange

See is not used in progressive tenses with this meaning.When we want to say that we see something at the moment of speaking, we often use can see

I can see an airplane 

We use look(at) to talk about concentrating, paying attention,and trying to see as well as possible

I looked at the photo, but I didn't see anybody I knew

We use look when there is no object, and look at before an object

Look !                     Look at me

Watch is like look at, but suggests that somethig is happening or going to happen. We watch things that change, move or develop

.I usually watch football matches

.We watch TV, but we see plays and films

Have you seen any of the Chaplin films

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بخشنامه مسابقه دانش آموزی تلفظ
نویسنده : ناهید محمدزاده - ساعت ٧:٢٧ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳٩٤/۱٠/٦

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